Tuff Collective Decal
Tuff Collective Decal
Tuff Collective Decal
Tuff Collective Decal

Tuff Collective Decal

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The TUFF Collective Emblem does not represent a brand, it represents a community

To represent the TUFF Collective is to stand out as a beacon of automotive devotion. The Signature Emblem is the hallmark of this creed, flaunting a design as bold and uncompromising as the machines we revere. Cast in high-quality vinyl, it's a testament to durability and style, destined to drive your presence on the road

Design Highlights:

  • Stealth Aesthetic: A bright, ice white vinyl that whispers 'understated power' and elevates the look of your vehicle with a sleek and modern design that complements any model or paint job.
  • Precision-Cut Design: The design is precision-cut to ensure crisp lines, easy application and a clean, bold look that stands out with its sophisticated gloss finish.
  • Durable Vinyl Construction: Made with high-grade, weather-resistant vinyl, our design is built to withstand the harsh Australian sun, resist fading, and endure the test of both time and terrain.
  • Instantly Identifiable: Join the TUFF Collective members and enjoy the instant recognition and sense of community from fellow automotive enthusiasts.

Size measures approx: 220mm x 100mm


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