Welcome to Tuff Collective, where the freedom of the open road isn’t just a passion—it's a way of life. Founded in the small city of Perth in Western Australia, TUFF Collective is more than just "another" brand; it's a community, a lifestyle, and a testament to the love affair we have with the car scene.

The Tuff Collective is a commitment to bring the car scene back to it's glory days.

To be apart of the collective is to be one of thousands of committed and driven automotive enthusiasts, who come together to share their passion for this exciting lifestyle.

The meaning behind automotive culture isn't about who's car is the fastest, strongest, lowest, tallest or most expensive. It's about a community coming together to share the passion of the drive.

Joining the TUFF Collective is all about embracing the spirit of the road and it's community. To become apart of the Collective is to stand out as a beacon of Automotive devotion by representing our community with our iconic emblem cast into one of our high quality vinyl banners or decals below

There is no gate keeping. Anyone who is committed to the automotive lifestyle and respect's our community's values is welcome to represent the Tuff Collective. From classics to modern, bikes to 4x4s, all makes and models of the automotive enthusiast are welcome with open arms

Absolutely! We will never forcefully push people into representing our community. Our events are open to all automotive enthusiasts, even those that run different banners

Welcome to the Collective 💎

Not at all. We ship our banners world wide! Our events are currently located in Australia, but soon we will start hosting events all across the world. You could be one of the first in your country to represent the Collective

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