You Look Stupid Decal

You Look Stupid Decal

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Provoke a second glance and a crack of a smile with TUFF Collective's audaciously designed 'You Look Stupid With Your Head Like That' decal. This is not your everyday sticker—it's a mischievous trap for the curious and a playful jab at onlookers. Laid out in a rebellious tilt, it demands that heads turn and then mocks the turners. It's for the car enthusiast with a sense of humour as twisted as the roads they love to drive.

Design Highlights:

  • Stealth Aesthetic: A high quality, bright, ice white vinyl that complements any model or paint job.
  • Precision-Cut Design: The design is precision-cut to ensure crisp lines, easy application and a clean, bold look that stands out
  • Durable Vinyl Construction: Made with high-grade, weather-resistant vinyl, our design is built to withstand the harsh Australian sun, resist fading, and endure the test of both time and terrain.

      Size measures approx: 150mm x 60mm

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