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Introducing, the FIRST Limited Edition TUFF sticker. If he's not mowing lawns, he's possibly running a lucrative contracting gig, but now in another dimension. Let people know you were one of the lucky ones to cop 1 OF 100 of these crazy stickers and slap the dog on the back of your rig or whatever. Fk around 'n find out!

All Sticker Orders Include:
- 1 of 100 HOLO JIM'S WAR CRIMES sticker
- 3 Pack of Random TUFF Stickers
- Certificate of Authenticity Signed off by Spotto (AussieCarSpotting_)
- Chance to win a $200 TUFF Giftcard (Announced on our Instagram)

That's right, ONLY 100 of these uniquely designed and individually numbered HOLOGRAPHIC stickers come with a certificate of authenticity AND signed off by Spotto (AussieCarSpotting_) himself. What'll they resell on ebay for in a few months time when the brand eneviatably blows up? WHO KNOWS? We really don't care, we just want your money. We got ticks to pay and zingerboxes to eat

* There will ONLY be 100 of these TUFF exclusive stickers will be available to the public for purchase. Once these have sold out, they won't be coming back, ever...

* TUFF Giftcard Draw is between the 100 sticker owners and is drawn upon the stickers selling out. The giftcard is valued at $200.00 AUD and will be announced on our instagram, sent to the winner via email as a code.

* Stickers come in our 'Large' size and measure roughly 12.5 x 10cm

Made with only the TUFF-est premium vinyl that is coated with a protective, laminate, these stickers stick like sh*t to a blanket and guarantee a killer look that is as vivid as it is long lasting.

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